Yeghe Crisis: PDP To Be Is To Blame- Senator Abe

Yeghe Crisis: PDP To Be Is To Blame- Senator Abe

The senatorial candidate of the All progressive (APC) for Rivers South  East Senatorial district , Senator Magnus Abe has said the members and leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) are to blame for the resent “spree of ” around the state especially in yeghe. While to crystal news, Senator Magnus said:

“It is important that I make this statement with regard to the crisis arising from  the miltary’s attempt to effect the arrest of Solomon Ndigbara,at Yeghe community in Gokana Local Government Area,which led to the hoodlums burning down my Senatorial Office in Bori, Khana Local Government Area.

I am happy that Governor Nyesome Wike as the chief security officer knew and approved the military operations in Yeghe,Ogoniland.

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There is nothing wrong if he,as the chief security officer and after appraising the situation in Ogoni approves that the military should raid the area of criminal elements and maybe recover arms.

But,the who stands to be squarely for the crisis  is Solomon Ndigbara and his group,who chose to engage the military in a shoot out.

However,information available to me points to the fact that there was a deliberate attempt by the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to incite the people against my person and the All Progressives Congress(APC).

PDP knows pretty well that we are innocent but in their desperate attempt to exploit the situation for their political gain,they want to hang it on us.


It is sad that this type of politics is being played by people who responsible .

It is unfortunate that the governor visited the home of ex-militant leader Solomon Ndigbara in Yeghe community but did not deem it fit to visit my Senatorial Liaison office building  at Bori,which is less than two kilometres away from Yeghe.

Yet,this is the chief security officer,who visited areas affected by the crisis.

As leaders,we should be sincere to ourselves and show good examples to our followers.

To my people-the Ogoni, we should eschew violence and lawlessness and ensure that we maintain peace.

We should not play politics with the incident because the victims of the crisis could have been people from any of the political parties and religion.

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The sad reality of the destruction of my Liaison office shows that all is not well and could discourage prospective investors to invest in the area.

I,therefore, the call for my supporters to remain calm in the face of provocation.

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