“The sight of a whole bushy triangle couldn’t entice even him”

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On-air personality, Daddy Freeze has hailed Whitemoney’s premium composure and reaction after Angel revealed her hairy private part in the .

Daddy Freeze Whitemoney Angel Privates

Angel stunned viewers and housemates after she unapologetically showed off her private part on live TV which triggered brouhaha online.

Whitemoney who was present at the scene however made a joke out of it as he described Angel as a who is basically selling her .

Daddy Freeze Whitemoney Angel Privates

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This act exhibited by Whitemoney is what brought him accolades from Daddy Freeze who stated that Whitemoney if upon the sight of the ‘bushy triangle’ couldn’t get enticed, then men have no of relating indecent dressing to the key factor that necessitates rape and on women.

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In his :

“White Money of #BBNajja just exposed an old fallacy in it’s benighted absurdity.
Prior to this, many believed that the way a woman dresses could incite a to r*pe her.

However, when faced with Angel in her unclad state, all he did was crack a joke about her being a ‘’ and he looked away.

This suggests that the manner in which a woman chooses to dress or undress has never been the . Rather, it’s the state of the mind of the that has been the culprit all along.

If the sight of a whole bushy triangle couldn’t entice White Money to misbehave, then your excuse of ‘she wore a mini skirt’ has expired!

I know some would contend this assertion, asking; “could it be that he wanted to eat premium steak and what he saw was yesterday’s peppered snail?” Although that’s a valid argument, White Money’s focus and comportment in the so far, still reflects the premise that self control is one of his strengths.

Furthermore, self control is one of the fruits of the Holy , as the scriptures us:

◄ Galatians 5 ►
New International Version
[22] But the fruit of the Spirit is , joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
[23]gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Nonetheless, if you are a who lacks the self control White Money displayed, there is another option; flee from ‘Potiphar’s ’ like Joseph did in
Genesis Chapter 39 verse 12.🙂

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