“The kitchen is not a lion’s den” — Governor Ayade’s aide, Inyali Peter says as he cooks for his wife, advises men to do same

An to Cross River State , Ben Ayade, has sparked intense reactions online after sharing photos of himself cooking for his wife.

Governor Ayade's aide cooks for wife

Inyali Peter, who serves as the Assistant to the on , shared photos of him pounding and preparing a meal for his wife in the recently.

According to him, the is not “a lion’s den or firing squad” and cooking won’t make the husband less of a man in the eyes of the wife.

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Mr Inyali wrote in a lengthy Facebook post;

“I Cook For My Wife, Do You? I made it a to cook for my beautiful wife from time to time, whenever I’m . Since she’s not from my , I used this time to also teach her how to prepare our local delicacies,”

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Today, it was the turn of pounded yam and beneseed soup. I pounded yam and prepared beneseed soup for her to learn and also enjoy herself

Dear men, learn how to cook for your wives, the is not a lion’s den or firing squad

And to the singles, begin to learn now with your girlfriends. Cook for them, it won’t your status as men

And to the women, ’t take advantage of this and begin to think that it’s a man’s main responsibility in the . It’s of a help than a right”

See his post below:

Cross River governor aide cook wife

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