Nigerian govt to move teachers retirement age to 65 — Osinbajo


govt to teachers retirement age to 65 — Osinbajo

Vice President says efforts are underway to increase the retirement age of teachers in Nigeria’s public service from 60 to 65 years.

Osinbajo disclosed this on Tuesday while hosting the Presidential Villa, , Oluwabunmi Anani, Maltina Teacher of the , 2020 Winner, as part of the 2021 Teachers celebration.

Anani was accompanied on the visit to the Presidential Villa by Uzodinma Odenigbo, Head of Public and Government Affairs, Nigerian Breweries Limited(NBL).

The vice president said that there were also moves to employ teachers into the public service starting from level 8 as against level 7.

He said, “So, I think it is also important to reward teachers; the Federal Government, on its part, has been doing a bit of work in trying to improve a lot of teachers.

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“For example, there is a policy now, though not a law yet; it is still in the National Assembly about moving the retirement age of teachers in the public service from 60 to 65.

“That’s an additional five years; then also looking at their remuneration.

“I think one of the questions that have arisen is when the teacher comes into the public service; in the past, they used to come in at Level 7, which is not the level that a would come in.

“Part of the policy is that they should come in at Level 8; but of course, this has to go through various processes and all that.’’

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Osinbajo said President had shown tremendous concern about teachers and how to improve a lot of teachers.

He said the had a role to play as issues of and education were essentially the function of states.

“So, again, just to say that it is a tremendous honour and pleasure to meet with you and to congratulate you on your serving now for almost a whole year as the Maltina Teacher of the Year.

“To say that I hope and pray that you will do, even more, achieve, even more, attain even more and that you will not be discouraged.
“ You won’t be distracted and that will help you as you help so many others.’’

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