“Na my mouth you wan hear story”


housemate, Whitemoney recently turned down the of for a gist pertaining to his with Queen.

Whitemoney Queen Angel Story

Queen and Whitemoney seem to be having a little misunderstanding due to Whitemoney’s closeness to B.

She even went as far as telling him she is a very jealous person when it comes to and she detests sharing her friends.

Amidst this disagreement, Angel approached Whitemoney for a first- gist as regards their problem, but Whitemoney dismissed her instead.

Whitemoney Queen Angel Story

However, when Angel walked away, he made some statements behind her back.

“Na my mouth you wan … Taah!!. I’m too igbo for that shit. Go and do your findings and come and tell me what you found out…” Whitemoney said

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the video below:


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