I took a bottle of sniper and drank it all but God saved me

Nollywood actress, Tonto has stated that she once attempted suicide over criticisms and negative perceptions about her personality.

The controversial actress disclosed this during a recent Tedx where she recounted her past struggles with suicidal thoughts and how she finally managed to leverage the controversy.

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“For years, I allowed the controversy to me because I was not using it. Every someone says a negative thing about me, I would go and absolve it. I never knew what to do with it, I was stagnant,”

“I let negativity got to me so much that I became what people thought I was. Then, if you call me a , I’ll act like one for you because I was in pain and need to let people know they’re hurting me.

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“One day, I was in my room and was so tired. knows that I was so tired that I took a bottle of sniper and drank it all.

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“I just wanted it to be over. It was too much for me that I couldn’t control it. In my mind, I knew who I am but you’re telling me I’m someone else.

“My was in a fix. I took the poison and kept for what would happen….in that instance Jesus spoke to me ‘I gave you a second chance.”.

“I am probably one of the most controversial persons on , proudly. The only reason why I can be proud of it is that I’m not it, I’m using it for my advantage, I’m using it for my growth, for my satisfaction,” she added.

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