Emolga Youths Warn Wike

Angry Youths of Emohua under the aegis of “Concerned Emohua Youths” in totality the recent disrespect and impudence meted on the traditional stool of Emohua for nefarious political reasons.

 It is no longer clandestine that the Governor of the State does not like the occupant of the throne. We do not know the cause neither do we know why a supposed public officer should be openly sentimental and bias. Chief Nyesom has impugned our traditional stool to the extent that his boys now his .
 The CTC Chairman of Emolga, Hon. Ikonwa has the temerity, audacity and to ignore our traditional symbol of authority. He should know better than Chief Wike that we (Emolgans) do not joke with our traditional stool which serves as a symbol of reverence and remembrance of our highly revered culture and traditions

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We are pained that an appointed CTC Chairman who is just there to hold brief for an elected Chairman could be so blinded by power to the extent of ignoring the entire Emohua Council of Chiefs. Our Traditional Ruler, HRM. EZE AMB. V.C.B OKOR (NNE-NWE ELI EMOHUA), led his Council of Chiefs to pay a visit to the CTC Chairman, to our greatest dismay they were not welcomed by our somewhat diffident CTC chairman. Our grief did not emanate from the mere fact that he never came out to see them, he did not also any word to them. We are saddened by the fact that our son is among the few stubborn followers of Chief Wike who chose to copy their boss’ antagonism to traditional institutions. He exemplified this by an end to the monthly meeting held at the council secretariat.

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We wish to inform Hon. Ikonwa of the fact that, “he who brings ant-infested firewood into his house should get ready for a lizard party.” Since he has decided to desecrate our ancestral stool, karma has a way of paying one in his own coin. The youths might be forced to do same to their temporary government.

We call on the CTC Chairman, Hon. Bright Ikonwa to as a matter of exigency, apologize to our Traditional Ruler, HRM. EZE AMB. V.C.B OKOR (NNE-NWE ELI EMOHUA) and his Council of Chiefs. We are not begging him to do this, but we are vehemently demanding for it so as to set the straight and to forestall further occurrence.

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Concerned Emohua Youths

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