#BBNaija: “Developing feelings in Big Brother’s house is a risk”

saga co 1

, has warned about developing romantic feelings in Big Brother’s house.

Saga Nini Feelings risky

Saga who has been all over Nini for quite a time still finds it difficult getting Nini to reciprocate perfectly well as she keeps insisting on having a outside the house.

In a recent development, Nini warned Saga about the dangers of longing for a romantic in the house.

Saga Nini Feelings risky

According to Nini, the situation in the house makes it very easy to in love with anyone, but when this love can be considered real is if it still exists outside the house.


“Feelings in this house can be clouded because of the circumstance here and is a risk because you don’t know this outside the house.

“Feeling can be amplified because you don’t have distractions, it’s when you go outside then you’ll know if feelings are real…”  Nini said.

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