Anglican Devotional 16 November 2021

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The Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 16 November 2021 – Be Warned: There Is A Day Of Darkness And Judgement

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TOPIC: Be Warned: There Is A Day Of Darkness And Judgement

READ: Ecclesiastes 11:7-10 (NKJV)

  1. Truly the light is sweet, And [it is] pleasant for the to behold the sun;
  2. But if a man lives many years [And] rejoices in them all, Yet let him remember the days of darkness, For they will be many. All that is coming [is] vanity.
  3. Rejoice, O man, in your youth, And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; Walk in the ways of your heart, And in the sight of your eyes; But know that for all these God will you into .
  4. Therefore remove sorrow from your heart, And put away evil from your flesh, For childhood and youth [are] vanity.


’s reading reminds us that life is not to be taken for granted. There are times of enjoyment and times when we experience darkness (verse). It comes to both the and the bad. And it is necessary to prepare for it. It is also paints for us a picture of life after here, when we meet God in Judgment.

We are therefore to live our lives here on as those who are accountable to God. Righteousness and holiness ensure that we meet God without a sense of guilt and condemnation. Let the and the old alike keep away from fleshly lust which war against the soul (1 Peter 2:11), and put away evil from the flesh (verse 10), because some of the things we call “enjoyment” now are actually instruments of destruction in hell. So, let us what we do with our lives because one day, and that day is close, God will bring our actions into judgment. Are you ready for that day?

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: Dear Jesus, please keep me and holy on my earthly journey so I can meet You without guilt and condemnation on Your judgement seat.

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