Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, All Progressives Congress (APC) for Rivers South-East District in Rivers State, has drawn the attention of the nation to the organized killings of members of the party in the district.

at a press briefing in Port Harcourt; Tuesday, on the security situation in the district, Abe accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State for being behind the killings in order to intimidate the numerous supporters of the APC.

“As we speak now, Bori is virtually a ghost town. Once it is few minutes to the evening, people are terrified in their homes. They cannot come out particularly members of the APC. Members of the APC cannot freely move around in Bori or voice their membership openly. They do that at the risk of their ”, he said.

The former Secretary to State Government (SSG) stated that, the killings had been happening without any meaningful efforts to restore law and order by the law enforcement .

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He narrated the killing of one Dr. Vincent Elvin Eebee, a lecturer with the Ken Saroh Wiwa Polytechnic whom he said was sympathetic to the APC.

Abe said that he learnt that the hoodlums had pursued Dr. Vincent Eebee’s car from the Polytechnic while he was travelling to Port Harcourt.

“They chased him, shooting at him all through. The sound of gunfire was all over the place and he kept running. They blew out the tyres, raining bullets on the car and he finally drove into his community, Yeghe by the church along Bori road. Already injured, he staggered out of the car and these people chased him through with the same Camry car that was used to kill Silas Piale  (aka, Dangbese)”.

He recalled that the late Dangbese was killed in similar circumstance few weeks before this incident.

These wanton killings, Abe stated had spread to Eleme and other parts of the district, which according to him had now made the people to live in a palpable fear.
 He urged the security operatives to be alive to their responsibilities.
“Their identities are known, the vehicles they use are known, the places where they are, are also known even to the law enforcement agencies. All that is required is the political will to bring them to justice”, he charged.

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He therefore appealed for calm among his supporters and assured the people that he would do everything possible to that perpetrators of this dastardly act are brought to book.

“We know who these are, we know who their sponsors are, we know where they are, we know those who are them but they cannot be protected from the judgment of man and God”.

He accused the PDP of sponsoring and inciting violence to pitch the people against one another. “Nobody has been attacked like this merely for running an election into the senate. I have never seen it. And when a political party takes it upon itself to incite the people against one another in order to cause destruction and bring about killings to destroy an ethnic group just because of politics, it is very clear that there is more to it that meets the eye”.

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Abe condemned the style of politics of the leadership of PDP in Rivers State describing it as barbaric and enjoined them to robust and discussion on public service.

27 – 4 – 2016

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