Insecurity in RSUST: Student shot dead.

A student of the rivers state of science and technology
was shot by an unknown cult  .

the incident which occurred on Tuesday night at about 8:23pm
in the premises of the school garden just beside  girls “ D”. an eyewitness told that “the victim was asked to drop his phone but he and
had no idea that one of the cultists was with a gun. in the process of dragging
the phone with the him, he was shot on the chest.”

The school atmosphere at the of this incident became
scanty as Students scampered for their dear lives, the university team
later came to the aid of the victim as he was taken away to a nearby clinic.
According to some students in the campus, this is not the
first time an incident like this has occurred since the appointment of the new
V.C professor Blessing Didia. Several cases of extortion by have also been
recorded recently especially the current year one students being victims.

Speaking with nkoro a student of the school, he said:

“The high rate of extortion by arms in the school is very
alarming, as one has noticed the level of insecurity since the former V.C
professor B.B fakaie office. Personally I was a victim of similar attack
on Monday 7th December, when some guys attacked me and took my phone
in the process. It’s the grace of God that kept me alive up till this moment because
one of them was holding a gun. The level of cultism in this school for the past
2 months is annoyingly alarming I must confess, i am calling on the commissioner
of police and relevant authorities to please come to our aid. We can’t continue
like this.” 
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